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I have always known how to sew. It was a skill that was learned from my mother and by example, from my father’s mother. They sewed because that’s the way they clothed themselves and their children as well as decorated their homes. It was a skill that we all took for granted.

We went to the fabric store the way, I guess, everyone else went to the department store. I learned to sew, but I didn’t do much sewing in those days because there were too many others around me that could do it faster and better. It wasn’t until I moved from my mother’s home that I began to put the skills I had learned to work for my family and me.

I had a job in the legal profession, doing land title research that I loved but I also loved coming home and sewing window treatments and clothing for myself and later for my daughter.

As time went by my skills improved and I branched out to costume design for various local school groups as well as sewing for my friends, decorating their children’s rooms and customizing and altering store-bought clothing.

But I never felt I was doing anything really special or talented, until my neighbors moved into their new house. They convinced me that the window treatments I created for them were on par with any professional work and “The Sewcialite” was born.


Pam Damour’s 2008 Drapery School Certification Program


Recently I attended Pam Damour’s Drapery School in Upstate New York. This was an intensive 5-day immersion into design and fabrication of window treatments.

I was awarded a certificate of completion, and am now authorized to conduct drapery school programs under the Damour Drapery School moniker. (See Certificate)

Previously I had attended Pam’s workshops at the Sewing and Quilt Expo in Worcester, MA where both her skill classes and professional seminar inspired me to develop my own professional niche.

Charlton Sewing Center, The Simple Machine Charlton, MA

Cathy Racine, proprietor, has been my instructor, mentor and cheerleader for over twenty years. She has kept my machines in perfect running order and has provided classes and workshops that have assisted me along the way.

American Sewing Guild www.asg.org

An organization of swing enthusiast, both professional and hobbyist


Window Treatments

Simple, yet imaginative custom fabrication of window treatments; where only a made-to-order option will do.

“Sewcial” Occasions

Individualized wedding or shower accessories to match your vision: Table covers, brides and bridesmaids’ purses, stoles, caplets and jackets, all designed just for you.

Accessories for other formal occasions such as proms, dances and events.

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